Guru darshan

You have been born to cherish

the fruits of your Prarabdha(past action)

तुम्हारे ब्यबहार से

किसी का दिल न टूटे

-- यही सबसे बड़ा धर्म है

you will have to get as much

pleasure or pain

as is destined for you .

Whether you ask for it or not,

you will have to reap

the consequences of your past doings.

If you want to attain Truth,

you will have to cleanse

the mirror of your mind

first.For brushing it off

you have to take recourse to

devotion and worship.

The easiest way of attaining

self-relation is Guru-Bhakti.

The shastras say that guru is greater than

Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh.

Divinity exists within your own self.

It is concealed from you due to your evil deads.

the moment your conduct is purified,

you will have automatic access to Divinity.

Hence, purify your conduct by controlling

your passions which are the main

hurdles on way to self-realiuzation.

Who is the Sadguru?

One who makes you un-attached

even in the midst of the hard struggles of life.

You have to take the world

as it is and the matter ends there.

Use the world, but

do not get enmeshed in it.

Your attachment is

the real cause of all your sufferings.

The status of Moksha is supreme.

God is one and the same everywhere...

It is you who fight amongst yourselves

and hold that your

Rama is great, your

Allah is great....

By the bhakti of Gurudev

you can attain the pearl of wisdom.

om shanti

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